ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags
ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags

Looking for a way to deodorize your boots, car, or room and keep them fresh, free of smells, and dry without having spray to utilize a powder each time you enter the in-room or wear shoes, then you need the ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags.

These bags are guaranteed to keep your car, shoes, gym bags, cleats, sporting equipment, or even luggage smelling fresh and clean.

Type and Content ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags

These Natural Air Purifying Bags are fragrance and chemical-free. They keep no toxic contents either.

Safe to utilize on any cleats and any other products you wish to keep fresh, smelling, and dry.

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MOSO Bamboo charcoal

Constructed from porous MOSO Bamboo charcoal, the natural air purifying bag is specially designed to remove smells and absorb moisture keeping your space and shoe clean, fresh, and dry.

These Natural Air Purifying Bags are reusable for up to 2 years and are an extremely cost-efficient method to contain your shoes.

One of the most delicate smell eaters for cars, shoes, and boots prevents mold, mildew, and smell-causing bacteria from developing inside your shoes.

ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags
ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags

It would be best to place the Natural Air Purifying Bag outside the sunlight for an hour, and you’ll rejuvenate your purifying bags. With the proper care, you can last up to 2 years.

Made from natural bamboo charcoal, this is an entirely eco-friendly product that can be utilized in your garden when it expires.

Cut the ANYI16 Natural Air Purifying Bag open and sprinkle the charcoal into your soil to give some handy nutrients to your plants.


  • Long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical and fragrance-free
  • Life up to 2 years


  • None

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Final words

No need for powders or spray with the ANYI16 Natural Air Purifying Bags. Put your shoes into the bag, and it’ll do the job.

Made to prevent mildew and mold and remove smell-causing bacteria keeping your space and shoes smelling fresh, dry, and clean without having to powder or spray each time you enter or wear shoes.

Long-lasting, these ANYI16 8 Packs Natural Air Purifying Bags will work for up to 2 years if you look after them correctly.

It’s completely natural without harmful elements. It’s an eco-friendly option and will serve a purpose even when its lifespan is over. So cut and open and utilize it to feed your plants.

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