Best Shoe Deodorizer 2024

Best Shoe Deodorizer 2021
Best Shoe Deodorizer 2021

The Best Shoe Deodorizer: Many people worldwide suffer from conditions generally known as stinky feet.

Both men and women use different products – powders, baking soda, and lemon peels to get rid of this horrible smell, and they all want to get the best shoe deodorizer no matter what.

Shoe deodorizers destroy shoe and foot odors in sneakers, gym shoes, running shoes, and even working boots. There are different models of shoe deodorizers, and we collected the best-rated and top-selling ones.

Your shoes are one of the most critical parts of your lifestyle. We all have shoes and sneakers from high school and college, and we are just not ready to get rid of them.

We carefully keep those shoes in the back of the shoe closet, and we hope they will magically lose the smell and we’ll be able to wear them again.

But don’t worry. There are many odor eliminators, such as spray, powder, and charcoal bags, that you can use to quickly and efficiently eliminate odor from your favorite shoes. It’s not that easy to find the perfect solution for your needs.

We present the list of the top 25 shoe deodorizers you can currently find on the market. You need to invest time to find the most effective and functional product. We review every model so it will be easier to find the best one.

The Best Shoe Deodorizer:

RightFoot Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray

If you need a natural shoe and foot deodorizer that is one hundred percent safe to use, you should check out RightFoot shoe deodorant spray.

It’s made of a combination of essential oils; it eliminates odor and bacteria quickly.

A mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree oil is perfect for those with shoe and foot odor issues.

RightFoot Deodorant Spray
RightFoot Deodorant Spray

The bottle has a capacity of four ounces, and it’s BPA-free. With the power of essential oils, this shoe deodorant spray is strong enough to eliminate even the most powerful odor. You can use it for shoes of any kind. It’s effective even for athletic shoes. If you don’t like it, you can return it, and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Peppermint is well-known for its refreshing smell and its antibacterial properties. The spray doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. It removes odor quickly.

This spray’s features are handy. Thyme has antifungal properties and provides a fresh aroma. Eucalyptus disinfects shoes with antiseptic properties, while the tea tree is a powerful fungicide.

It’s intended for all types of skin and all shoe types. The spray is made with essential oils. It’s natural and safe to use. It comes in a 120ml bottle.


  • eliminates the most pungent odors,
  • easy to use,
  • it doesn’t make stains,
  • the bottle is long-lasting,
  • even for sensitive skin.


  • Its scent is too strong for some people.

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Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Lumi Foot Odor Eliminator Spray can be used for shoes and Air Fresheners. It contains essential lemongrass, mint, and tea tree oils.

With natural ingredients, you can eliminate odors fast and without any issues. The spray is made in the United States, and it’s safe and effective.

Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray
Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray

You don’t have to be embarrassed when removing your shoes; spray your boots with Lumi Outdoors spray and go wherever you want. Your self-esteem will be improved in just a few seconds.

You’ll no longer feel insecure. But that’s not all. You can also use a spray as an air freshener for your kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

You can spray garbage cans and yoga mats with it. It works very well for those too. The spray is made in the United States with natural ingredients. It’s powerful and based on essential oils.


  • works very well,
  • it eliminates odor,
  • one bottle lasts long enough,
  • easy to spray.


  • It’s not for working boots.

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Elite Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray

When you buy Elite shoe and feet deodorizer, you can forget about smelly feet and odor in your shoes for good. This model is a famous shoe freshener, and it’s not just a foot spray—it’s also a moisturizer.

The spray doesn’t mask odors. It kills bacteria with the help of seven different essential oils. Spray also includes herbs that improve feet’ health.

The spray is made of natural and safe ingredients. If you are unsatisfied with this product, you can get a replacement without questions.

Elite Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray
Elite Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray

First, we have to say that this spray smells nice. It has a perfect combination of herbs and essential oils. Some are coconut, chamomile, bergamot, peppermint, and many more.

These herbs are well-known for antibacterial properties, and you can walk confidently again as soon as you apply the spray.

The spray helps eliminate odors and decrease sweating in the feet area. It lasts for a very long period. One bottle can last approximately several months. For maximum effects, use it on your feet and shoes simultaneously.

The spray is a natural moisturizer and deodorizer. It kills bacteria, is made with herbs and essential oils, and can be used against dry feet.


  • nice smell
  • makes your feet fresh
  • natural and safe to use
  • it absorbs quickly.


  • It can leave a stain on white or gray shoes.

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FOOT SENSE Foot and Shoe Powder

Foot Sense eliminator has a formula to eliminate and prevent odor, which works great for shoes and feet. Be aware that this is not a regular deodorizer. It comes in powder form but does the job well and lasts several months.

The powder is powerful and natural, acts quickly, and eliminates and prevents odor.

Foot Sense Foot Powder
FOOT SENSE Foot and Shoe Powder

This product has a capacity of 100 g. It’s made in the United States from zinc oxide and natural ingredients. It can be used on all types of shoes. If unsatisfied with its efficiency, you’ll get your money back without questions.

The powder is made in the U.S., contains no aluminum, is one hundred percent natural for everyday use, and can be on the skin without risk.


  • it eliminates odor
  • for smelly feet
  • for stinky shoes
  • no strong smell.


  • Doesn’t stick to the skin sometimes.

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Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

This is different but exciting, and what matters most is that it works against all kinds of odors. Sof Sole sneaker balls are great if you need something to deodorize your shoes, lockers, and gym bags.

It comes in various colors, and its design is modern.

You can choose among Hashtag, Matrix, Emoji, Sports, and Tie-Dye color names. Each model is exciting and amusing.

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls
Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

The plastic balls are one inch wide and ten inches high. It would be best to twist them to activate them. They remove odors from shoes and lockers almost instantly; when you don’t want to use them, you must close them.

There are three pairs of balls in the package. You can use them for several months.

– powerful scent
– can be used in various places
– cool design
– smaller and bigger packages are available.


  • for areas where other deodorizers don’t fit
  • long-lasting
  • nice scent
  • eliminates and masks the odor


  • It’s not a good solution for working boots.


Rocket Pure Natural Cedar Foot & Shoe Deodorizing Powder

Although many people don’t like powders to remove odor, this product is excellent, according to many buyers who tried it. The powder is a great solution for athletes and removes odor quickly and effectively. You can use it on your feet, shoes, and socks.

If you want to save some money, there are six packs available. Three different scents are lemon, cedarwood, and eucalyptus; our favorite is lemon.

Rocket Pure Foot Deodorant
Rocket Pure Natural Cedar Foot & Shoe Deodorizing Powder

The product is made in the United States with natural ingredients and no toxic or harsh materials, and one bottle has five ounces. If you don’t like this product, you can get a refund fast and without any additional questions.

– inhibits the growth of bacteria
– eliminates smell
– with essential oils
– easy to use.


  • effective
  • for fitness fans
  • it leaves no residues
  • for sensitive skin


  • It’s not perfect for shoes; it’s better for feet only.


Sara Global Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Deodorizer

In this package, you’ll get linen bags with bamboo charcoal that purify the air and deodorize your shoes, car, and even closets. The bags can be used repeatedly for up to twenty-four months.

Bags are safe to use and completely natural. One package includes one more giant bag and four smaller bags. Backpacks work great against moisture, keep your apartment or home perfectly airy, and are eco-friendly.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Deodorizer
Sara Global Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Deodorizer

– eliminates odors
– prevents mold
– fresh
– one hundred percent natural


  • organic
  • no toxins
  • practical and long-lasting
  • simple to use.


  • Not for more extensive areas.


Jalousie Mini Bamboo Charcoal Bags

You probably didn’t know that small charcoal bags are excellent solutions to freshen up your shoes, but our research has shown that it works pretty well as a shoe deodorizer and air cleaner.

These bags are a three-in-one solution. You can use them as a deodorizer, odor eliminator, and air cleaner. You’ll get twelve bags in one package, more than enough for around two years of use.

Jalouise mini bamboo charcoal bags
Jalousie Mini Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Bags can be used for luggage, drawers, the bathroom, and many other purposes besides shoes. They also prevent moisture without chemicals and toxic materials.

To keep bags functional, expose them to sunlight every thirty days for at least a few hours. Bags are made of bamboo charcoal, and they are made in China.

– 100 grams in each bag
– safe to use
– high-quality charcoal
– no fragrance
– without chemicals


  • against odors of all kinds,
  • it works very well
  • a healthy way to purify the air
  • durable and modern.


  • It takes time for the bags to work.

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Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags

Another package of charcoal bags is in front of you, and they look adorable.

Made of bamboo charcoal, they perfectly absorb odor. You can use them for your shoes or a gym bag. The bags are fragrance-free and made of natural ingredients.

MOSO NATURAL Mini Air Purifying Bag Shoe Deodorizer. Odor
Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags

Mini Moso bags can be used for all types of materials. They are powerful enough to eliminate even the most pungent odors from your old but favorite pair of sneakers.

Make your shoes and gym bag fresh again. After several days, they will be fresh and clean. Bamboo charcoal is effective against odors because it works like a sponge.

– high-quality charcoal
– no chemicals,
– no toxic materials
– up to two years of use.


  • portable
  • it works even for working shoes
  • safe to use
  • small and practical.


  • Some buyers found bags too thick.

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Gold Mountain Beauty’s Most Effective All-Natural Shoe Deodorizer

Gold Mountain Beauty offers a product that is both a shoe deodorizer and foot odor eliminator, and it comes in the shape of a spray. The bottle has a four-ounce capacity and works great for foot odor. You can use it for your shoes, feet, or better.

If you have a particular pair of shoes, you need to freshen them up. This product will do wonders. It would be best to spray it; it will eliminate odor quickly and without hassle.

Most Effective All Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray and Foot Odor Eliminator - Extra Strength that Destroys Odor from Stinky Shoes,4 oz
Gold Mountain Beauty’s Most Effective All-Natural Shoe Deodorizer

This product is a must-have with tea tree oil and other natural ingredients. The spray is made in the United States, and one bottle offers hundreds of fountains. Use it every day if you want fast and good results.

It’s great for heels, boots, sneakers, or athletic shoes. Remember to shake the bottle before every use.

– against bacteria-induced odors,
– with peppermint oil,
– a mixture of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil,
– thyme oil included.


  • not too strong,
  • effective,
  • it prevents sweating,
  • versatile.


  • It doesn’t work against fungus.

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Mini RejuvenAir Bags

Another air freshener and shoe deodorizer made of bamboo charcoal are in front of you. It eliminates odors and is excellent for removing mold and moisture. You can even use it in your car.

The product is available in sizes 50 grams, 200 grams, two packages of 200 grams, and a variety pack. Bags provide an easy way to freshen the air in your house, shoes, or car.

Mini RejuvenAir Bags
Mini RejuvenAir Bags

This is not just a deodorizer. It absorbs moisture and eliminates toxins fast and efficiently. It’s effortless to use them. You must put them close to your shoes, luggage, or whatever and leave them nearby for some time.

Once in thirty days, you have a job to expose the bag to sunlight so that it can be effective again. Bags last for two years. After that period, you can open them and sprinkle the soil with bamboo charcoal.

– last long,
– one hundred percent natural,
– no fragrance,
– recharges in the sun.


  • powerful,
  • no toxins,
  • no chemicals,
  • prevents bacteria.


  • Some buyers didn’t have results with them.

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NonScents Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

You can read some interesting things about this package. It says that it works like magic, powered by science. So, if this is not enough to give NonScents shoe deodorizer a chance, we don’t know what else to say.

This product’s technology is backed up by science. It’s proven that it destroys odors. It’s easy to use. The best use is to put a sachet in your shoes for several hours.

nonscents shoe deodorizer
NonScents Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

The product is not harsh and is safe to use. In addition to shoes, you can put sachets in gym bags, drawers, or any other place you want to be odor-free.

The contents formula gives results quickly and efficiently. Scientists make NonScents, and you cannot go wrong with it. You can never get rid of odors if you don’t destroy the cause of the smell.

– two sachets in a package,
– scientifically tested,
– it controls and destroys odors,
– no fragrance.


  • no stains or residues,
  • versatile,
  • easy to use,
  • eliminates odor fast.


  • Sachets could last a bit longer.

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Brilliant Evolution BRRC200 Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Shoe Deodorizer Bags

The Best Shoe Deodorizer: Natural odor eliminator by Brilliant Evolution is available in one, two, and six packages.

Because of its small holes, it destroys odors of any kind. It’s also effective against moisture and prevents mold.

You can use it on your shoes, sneakers, and even boots.

Brilliant Evolution BRRC200
Brilliant Evolution BRRC200 Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Shoe Deodorizer Bags

Charcoal bags can be used for up to twenty-four months. It would be best if this is not everything. Ou exposed the bags to the sun to recharge.

If lockers and closets need freshening up, you can put bags inside. The bags are made of 100 percent bamboo charcoal.

– no fragrance
– no chemicals
– no toxins
– it keeps your shoes dry


  • bags are long-lasting
  • works very well
  • even for working boots
  • bags don’t contain strong perfumes.


  • It takes time to work.

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Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags by Hello Freshies

Cute linen bags with premium bamboo charcoal inside by Hello Freshies work excellently as a shoe deodorizer. It also purifies air in your bathroom, garage, bedroom, or office.

Bags are effective against bacteria, and it’s also helpful to have them if you suffer from allergies.

The package contains two hundred grams of linen bags and two smaller bags of seventy-five grams. The smaller one is perfect for boots, sneakers, and shoes.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags
Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags by Hello Freshies

If you need to hang them, interesting hooks made of stainless steel are included.

Each bag can be used several times, wherever and whenever you want, for up to twenty-four months. Every month, put the bags directly into the sun to recharge them.

This way, you will improve their efficiency.

Hello, Freshies offers a 100 percent guaranteed way to eliminate odors. If you’re not satisfied, you can replace a product or get your money back.

– premium bamboo charcoal
– up to two years of use
– works as an air freshener, too.


  • rechargeable
  • powerful and effective
  • no fragrance
  • no harsh chemicals.


  • None so far.

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Funk Away Odor Eliminating Spray Combo for Shoes, Clothes & Gear

Do you have issues with sweating a lot? You’re not the only one, don’t be embarrassed, but don’t worry, because there is a solution for you.

Sweating is not bad; it’s a process of eliminating toxins from your body, and you don’t want to block it.

Instead, you can use a natural spray to eliminate odors. Odors are often caused not by sweat but by clothes and fabrics.

Funk Away Odor Eliminating Spray
Funk Away Odor Eliminating Spray Combo for Shoes, Clothes & Gear

Sometimes, a mixture of fabrics and body sweat produces odor, which is not your fault. Funk Away spray is a perfect combination because you can use spray for your shoes, sports gear, and clothes, and it’s ideal for athletes.

The package contains a giant bottle for home use and a smaller bottle for outdoor use. You can take a smaller bottle with you wherever you go.

– Heavyweight and Traveler pottle
– for gym lovers and hard workers
– TSA compliant


  • portable
  • for all types of clothes and shoes,
  • it doesn’t mask the odor. It destroys it
  • with locking nozzles.


  • Doesn’t kill bacteria.

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Glovestix – Antimicrobial Deodorizer

Glovestix is a deodorizer with an exciting design – as a nunchaku!

If you’re a fan of old kung-fu movies, you probably remember nunchaku, and this nunchaku will destroy odor from shoes, gloves, and other sports equipment.

You’ll notice a difference in just one day, maybe even less.

Glovestix - Antimicrobial Deodorizer
Glovestix – Antimicrobial Deodorizer

According to the manufacturer, Glovestix works for up to ten years, and it uses silver seal technology.

Silver is well-known for its antibacterial properties and ability to eliminate moisture. It is free of chemicals and harsh materials, so you can use it for both new and old equipment.

– solid and durable handle,
– removable clip,
– insert bags,
– eliminates moisture.


  • for all types of sports equipment,
  • works fast,
  • safe to use,
  • for lacrosse gear, boxing gear, and more.


  • Some users didn’t notice improvements.

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Mitchell Natural Closet Air Freshener Purifier

Great activated bamboo charcoal bags absorb moisture and eliminate stink quickly and safely.

Four bags are in one package, but you can order two or four smaller bags.

Available in brown color, this eco-friendly product will give you great results for fighting different types of odor. You don’t have to worry about stains or residues.

The charcoal bag works silently and clears air no matter where you put it.

Vitchelo Natural Closet Air Freshener
Vitchelo Natural Closet Air Freshener Purifier

– organic,
– no toxins,
– no fragrance,
– for cars, garages, shoes, refrigerators, and more.


  • money-back guarantee
  • natural and long-lasting
  • excellent for shoe closets
  • works quickly.


  • It is not too effective in eliminating bathroom odors.

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Household Essentials CedarFresh Natural Shoe Deodorizer

The Best Shoe Deodorizer: Household Essentials shoe deodorizer comes in six and twelve bags, which is more than enough even for most demanding users.

Cedar bags freshen the air and keep your house safe from pests. They work great for gym bags, tennis shoes, drawers, and other small areas where you keep your sports equipment.

Household Essentials CedarFresh Natural Shoe Deodorizer
Household Essentials CedarFresh Natural Shoe Deodorizer

It’s effortless to use this deodorizer. It would be best to clean the shoes or clothes, the area where you keep them, and use bags and seal. That’s it! You’ll notice a difference very fast.

– cotton pouches,
– one hundred percent natural cedar shavings
– prevents moisture
– interesting design
– portable


  • not small but not too big either
  • safe for all types of fabrics
  • no more smell


  • The scent is not strong enough, according to some buyers.

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Mineral Salt Shoe Deodorizer Inserts

Mineral Salt Shoe Deodorizer Inserts can help you make your shoes fresh and nice-smelling again. Remove odors from your favorite shoes quickly and easily with Crystalline Salts shoe deodorizer inserts.

This product is made of pure mineral salts. Mineral salts can destroy bacteria and microbes, which are natural and without chemicals.

If you’re unsatisfied with this product, you can return it and get a refund.

Mineral Salt Shoe Deodorizer Inserts
Mineral Salt Shoe Deodorizer Inserts

– no alcohol,
– no fragrance
– one year of use minimum
– for disinfection.


  • high-quality
  • safe and eco-friendly
  • no synthetics


  • They need to last longer.

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Fresh Foot Miracle Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Fresh Foot Miracle is a spray you must apply once or twice in one shoe, and you’re done! You’ll see effects fast and be amazed at how excellent this spray is.

If your shoes or sneakers are ancient, you can spray four or five times just in case.

The product is available in two styles: shoe spray only and the second is with a shoe cleaner included.

Fresh Foot Miracle Shoe Deodorizer
Fresh Foot Miracle Shoe Deodorizer Spray

The spray works well; people love it because it doesn’t mask odors.

It eliminates them. The spray is made in the United States and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It’s natural, and you can use it for gym bags, cars, handbags, and many more.

– made in the U.S.
– natural
– special formula
– with pine


  • the product doesn’t have a strong smell
  • it doesn’t mask the odor
  • it destroys bacteria and fungus


  • It didn’t work for some buyers.

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Buoceans Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Deodorant Spray

Buoceans’ shoe deodorizer is natural and made of a combination of essential oils. Its antibacterial properties eliminate odor from feet and shoes.

The spray is natural and safe, no matter how often you use it. Buoceans spray keeps odor away daily, every day, and it’s refreshing.

Don’t forget to shake it before use.

Buoceans Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Deodorant Spray
Buoceans Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Deodorant Spray

– with peppermint,
– tea tree oil included,
– lavender scent
– eucalyptus and thyme


  • ergonomic design
  • easy to use
  • strong
  • works as moisturizer


  • There are too many essential oils for some buyers.

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CIDBEST Natural Foot & Shoe Deodorizer Powder

CIDBEST powder is a natural foot odor eliminator; you can use it directly on your feet or put it inside your shoes.

Every one of us has that pair of shoes older than a decade.

But we love them so much, don’t we? Seeing those shoes at the back of your closet is sad because they stink.

With this powder, you can give these shoes hope they’ll be back on the road again!

CIDBEST Natural Foot & Shoe Deodorizer Powder
CIDBEST Natural Foot & Shoe Deodorizer Powder

– removes odor,
– no more bad smell,
– safe,
– destroys bacteria.


  • scoop is included,
  • immediate action,
  • you can use it every day.


  • The powder can leave stains.

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How to choose the suitable shoe deodorizer – buying guide

There are many deodorizing sprays and bags available to purchase.

Depending on your needs and personal preferences, you can eliminate the odor with sprays, bags, powders, and other products.

Every product has advantages and disadvantages, and you must choose the right product.

Many brands currently have different types of oils and ingredients. Depending on your budget, you must compare products and select one from the list above.

Types and functionality

As we already said, several types of shoe deodorizers are on the market, and you must understand the difference.

The most common type is a simple spray. Sprays are easy to use and significantly eliminate odor and smell from shoes and feet.

Sprays come in bigger and smaller bottles. They are mostly made of natural ingredients, so they are safe to use daily.

Powders are also trendy products for foot odor eliminators, but some powders leave residues and marks on your socks and even shoes, so you must select the right one carefully.

On the other hand, many people successfully used air-purifying bags made from active bamboo charcoal. Some used mineral salts, and our research has shown that salts work well too. Ultimately, it’s not essential in the product’s form; the product must work.

Of course, you can’t expect miracles—you can’t use a shoe deodorizer on your twenty-year-old shoes and assume they will smell like flowers.

But, if the most odor is removed and destroyed, and if you smell your boots and don’t want to run for your life, you can be satisfied with the results.

List of the most common ingredients in these products

No matter what type or form you want to buy, avoid products with harsh chemicals, fragrances, and toxic materials.

It’s best to choose a deodorizer made of natural ingredients such as bamboo charcoal or essential oils without alcohol, paraben, or any other material that can cause issues with the skin, especially if your skin is too sensitive.

The most common ingredients in these products are:

  • Bamboo charcoal: bamboo charcoal bags are made of Moso bamboo. This plant grows in height up to fifty to sixty feet. It contains tiny holes and pores on the surface, and these tiny holes are the ones that eliminate odor and bad smell. Because of this, bamboo charcoal can be used simultaneously as a shoe deodorizer and air cleaner.
  • Essential oils: The benefits of essential oils have been known for decades. Many types of oils have been used in aromatherapy for years. Sprays to destroy foot odor are made of essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, and many more. These oils work great as fungicides and bactericides. Their properties make them useful against odor, which is a scientific fact.
  • Lemon, pine, and peppermint: who doesn’t love the scent of lemon peel, pine, or peppermint? This question is rhetorical because everybody loves these scents. And the best thing is – lemon, pine, and peppermint don’t just mask the odor. They almost destroy it!

What causes foot odor

Foot odor is a widespread problem that can be unpleasant for both men and women. It’s also embarrassing, especially for young people who sweat a lot on various occasions. Generally, foot odor is caused by a combination of bacteria and sweat.

Often, the type of material mixed with sweat creates more foot odor, and it’s challenging to get rid of it.

Sweat doesn’t have any smell, but foot odor can be similar to cheese or vinegar, with other factors. Also, wearing shoes and sneakers barefoot will cause foot odor because the shoe touches the skin.

Many factors can cause foot odor. The feet have numerous sweat glands, some with more glands than others. Because of this, they sweat more.

If you sweat excessively on your feet, check with your doctor for a solution first.

How to prevent foot odor?

Foot hygiene is essential and one of the best methods to prevent odor. Proper hygiene can prevent odor and keep your skin healthy. It’s recommended that you wash your feet every day and trim and clean your toenails.

Socks are also essential. Don’t wear socks made of nylon or other artificial materials. Your feet need to be dry. Avoid places with moisture and humidity.

If you wear work boots daily, you can use baking soda and sprinkle your feet and shoes.

Before trying some foot odor eliminators, especially if you’re unsure which product to use, you can always seek advice from a podiatrist.

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First things first!

To fight the issue, you must understand the question. Bromodosis is a medical term for stinky feet. It sounds better.

No matter what you call it, this problem can cause you some trouble, especially at places where you need to take off your shoes. But there are so many options to stop or to prevent smelly feet.

The leading cause of bromodosis is bacteria. If bacteria come in contact with skin and moisture, disaster is inevitable. Usually, bromodosis is not something to worry about.

On the other hand, you can do whatever you need to prevent it.

First things first – shoes and socks. Socks can cause your feet to sweat, especially stockings of nylon. So, what to do first? Don’t wear nylon socks, of course.

Always wear cotton socks, and your problem is at least partially solved. Shoes need to have breathability. This way, airflow will prevent odor.

Now you have a serious reason to buy more shoes – to prevent foot odor! Shoes with mesh panels are a great choice! Avoid plastic shoes and barefoot shoes. Also, having several shoes is the best thing ever. How awesome is that?

Also, you want to give your shoes some time off. Please don’t wear them every day and every night. Shoes need a break, too.

Or, if you have only one pair of shoes, at least change shoe insoles from time to time. If you think it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes, ventilated shoes are a thing right now. Check them out.

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Every person has issues with foot odor from time to time, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Several things cause foot odor, and before you purchase your first shoe deodorizer, you need to find out why your shoe smells.

Sweat is not the leading cause of stinky feet, but when we add bacteria to this equation and the type of fabrics from which socks are made, we can conclude that a mixture of these factors is the leading cause of foot odor.

Don’t worry. At least one product from our list of foot odor eliminators will help you resolve this matter as soon as possible.

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We have a wide selection of shoe deodorizers for any size and type of footwear, so you can find the right product to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

You won’t believe how many people struggle with smelly feet or sweaty sneakers!

Our team is here to help, so feel free to contact us if you need anything from information on our products.

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Best Shoe Deodorizer for You in 2024

It seems unavoidable: those sneakers, shoes, and boots on which your feet spend much time will eventually accumulate smells. Using the best shoe deodorizer spray in 2024 is your top attack against unwanted odors – and all the germs and bacteria that cause them.

It would help if you forever discussed sudden or unusual changes in foot smell with a doctor first. But barring any underlying health issues, there are several factors why your feet might smell, and you can generally blame a mixture of too much foot sweat and too little boot ventilation.

Unless you wash your favorite shoes weekly, odors can be hard to remove. Shoe deodorizer sprays work by attacking the germs, bacteria, fungus, mildew, mold, and fungus that have spread from your feet to your boots, taking care of the root causes of the issue.

They also address the stink you smell here and now – and many formulas do that with entirely natural ingredients like tea tree, peppermint, and lavender essential oils.

These shoe deodorizers will keep your feet smelling and feeling new, whether you need little more than a light spritz of a botanical-filled spray or need to bring in a severe smell-fighting formula. Either way, this list has you covered.

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DoctorCare Plus Refreshing Shoe and Foot Deodorizer

Once again, this spray will combine two naturally occurring items to provide you with the cleanness and freshness you crave. Using tea tree oil and peppermint, this spray is natural and safe and will be exceptional at removing foot odor that has been built up and would not go away.

It even comes with a bottle of aluminum, proven to raise the lifespan of essential oils. Like the first offerings, this is made to fight against the most challenging smells, ensuring you do not have something that does half the job for you.

It is simple to use since it is a spray and provides a money-back promise, increasing your confidence significantly. You can even use this straight on your feet to decrease the sweating, too, which is a big plus sign!


  • Best for feet and shoes
  • It is wholly natural and highly safe
  • A little goes a genuinely long way

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Sprayzee Instant Shoe Odor Natural Eliminator

If you like to work out and play many sports, this extra-strength smell remover spray may be what the doctor ordered.

This spray utilizes twelve essential oils, including peppermint, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree, to give you a wonderful smell and moisturize and pamper your feet.

It is made from all-natural items and is remarkable for other gear that might have developed a smell that you cannot shake off.

They also provide a complete refund if you ever become sad, showing that customer service is a big deal to them and that they will not take it lightly.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Great customer service
  • Eliminates and cover-up smells


Moso Natural Mini Air Purifying Bag and shoe deodorizer

That is an excellent option if you want an extremely durable option.

These charcoal bags can last up to 2 years, and you need to lay them in your boots and leave them when they are not in use. Such is the remarkable ease at which they come!

These bags will not just remove the smell but also fight back against mildew, mold, and bacteria, stopping the root issue at the pass. Because of charcoal, it is entirely natural and will not be wrong for you.

It also has the bonus of not being very smelly, which will help people with sensitive noses.

The large area they occupy is reason enough for many to turn toward them rather than using a spray or a mixture of other items.


  • Stops smell
  • Amazing for allergies
  • It lasts a very long time

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Advantages of shoe deodorizer

Extends life footwear

Bacteria and sweets cause a terrible smell and deteriorate the condition of your footwear. Bacteria are one of the fundamental causes of terrible smells coming out of boots.

Removes bacteria

One of the many objectives of shoe deodorizer is to get rid of and stop any bacteria present in the shoe. Bacteria are one of the fundamental causes of the awful smell coming out of the boots.

Extends life of footwear

Bacteria and sweets cause a terrible smell and deteriorate the condition of your footwear. You will also use the same shoes for a long time since they will not sink after a long period.

Treat skin situations

Since most shoe deodorizers are made of natural items, you can put them straight on your feet. It will make your feet feel excellent and treat athlete’s foot or irritated skin.

Pleasant smell

Finally, but by all means, not least, your shoes and your feet will smell perfect as you have just unpacked them. You will never feel bad for taking your boots off ever again.

What option is excellent for long-term use?

Charcoal bags will probably be your top bet if you want something that will last an extended period. They do wear out eventually, and not all are the same, but they usually last a while.

You can also try a UV light machine if you are willing to spend some cash. It may seem overkill to many, but it will last long. Sneakers do good work if you use them correctly, and the spray can stay long.

End words

You can use spray or powder. If the deodorizer harms your feet or shoes, you can use it naturally without issue.

It is time to freshen up your sneakers pairs and put a smile on your feet, making them happy!

How To Deodorize Shoes – Solutions for Smelly Footwear

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Q: What is a shoe deodorizer?

A: A shoe deodorizer is a product that eliminates terrible odors from shoes and keeps them smelling fresh.

Q: How does a shoe deodorizer work?

A: Most shoe deodorizers work by either neutralizing odor molecules or absorbing excess moisture that can cause foul odors.

Q: What are the best shoe deodorizers?

A: The best shoe deodorizers come in various forms, such as sprays, powders, pouches, and balls. Some of the best overall shoe deodorizers to stomp out even the most challenging foot and shoe odor are Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer, Kiwi® Sneaker Deodorizer, and Hex Performance Deodorizing Spray.

Q: Can shoe inserts help eliminate shoe odor?

A: Shoe inserts can help eliminate shoe odor by adding an extra layer of odor control and absorbing excess sweat from your feet.

Q: What is the best way to use a shoe deodorizer spray?

A: To use a shoe deodorizer spray, spray the inside of your shoe and let it dry before wearing your shoes again.

Q: Can a sneaker deodorizer be used on other types of shoes?

A: A sneaker deodorizer is a powerful shoe odor eliminator that can be used on different shoe types to eliminate foul odors.

Q: Are charcoal shoe deodorizer bags effective in eliminating shoe odor?

A: Yes, charcoal shoe deodorizer bags are very effective in eliminating shoe odor. The charcoal works by absorbing excess moisture and neutralizing odor molecules.

Q: How can I prevent shoe odor?

A: To prevent shoe odor, wear clean socks and rotate your shoes frequently to allow them to air out and dry entirely between wears.

Q: Can sweaty feet cause foul odors in shoes?

A: Excess sweat from sweaty feet can cause foul shoe odors. A shoe deodorizer or inserts can help absorb the sweat and prevent foul odors from forming.

Q: What is the difference between a shoe deodorizer spray and powder?

A: The application method is the main difference between a shoe deodorizer spray and powder. Sprays are applied by spraying the inside of the shoe, while powders are sprinkled inside the shoe to absorb moisture and neutralize odor.

Q: Can shoe deodorizers be used on different types of shoes?

A: Yes, shoe deodorizers can be used on shoes, including sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. Apply the deodorizer inside the shoe to absorb moisture and neutralize foul odors.