Crep Protect vs Jason Markk Repel
Crep Protect vs Jason Markk Repel

Crep Protect is a water—and stain-repellent used on all types of shoes, including leather, suede, nubuck, and canvas.

It can also be used on other bags, hats, and jackets. Crep Protect contains an invisible shield that protects your shoes from rain, snow, dirt, mud, oil, and other liquids.

Jason Markk Repel is also a water and stain-repellent, but it can only be used on sneakers made of canvas or suede.

Jason Markk Repel does not contain an invisible shield, so it will not protect your shoes from the elements, like Crep Protect.

Good news! A simple spry would save not just your sneaker collection from the rain but also mud and dirt! There is an extensive range of water-repellent sprays mainly made for shoes.

Say help to new shoes from now on. Here are the top waterproof shoe sprays that you can buy today!

Jason Markk Repel

Jason Markk repels a breathable, durable barrier that rightly repels stains and liquids.

It is a water-based formula safe for leather, nubuck, suede, canvas, nylon, and more.

We have fully redesigned the Jason Markk Repel to deliver an excellent aerosol spray standard.

Engineered with multi-patented technologies, a perfect mist gathered with continuous spray functionality covers extensive, fast, and evenly in all directions.

With the smart-reusable head and perfect refill specs, Repel is much more environmentally friendly than risky aerosols.

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Jason Markk Dirt & Water Repellent Spray

Jason Markk is another globally renowned sneaker care brand made in the USA. The value of the Jason Markk Dirt and water repellent spray has drawn thousands of shoe lovers to it.

It is a water-based spray that is secure for materials such as nubuck, suede, canvas, and nylon. From the first spray, you can tell it is odorless and colorless. It is excellent for keeping your shoes in the actual situation while saving them simultaneously.

Witness water roll off the surface of the shoes with the protection of Jason Markk spray. It is pretty remarkable to watch. You will no longer need to risk your favorite shoes out, even when raining.

The application of the spray is simple. Ensure the material of your shoes is dry and clean. Coat the surface of your boots evenly. If there is excess liquid, dap a cloth to soak it up. After this, please leave it to dry for around a day. For complete protection, use a second coat after it has dried.

Note that the longer you leave your shoes to dry after spraying, the more waterproof they will be. It can last up to six weeks or even much longer if you do not wear that shoe pair daily.

The cleaning kit also comes with a top-standard hairbrush made up of more than 17000 bristles of hair. It is powerful and robust when cleaning but with a balanced delicateness. Further, a silky microfiber cloth, smooth and super soft with the best liquid use, is included.

Jason Mark is a leader in the shoe care industry. And it is evident. The Jason Markk Repel Spray is just one of the best. Your shoes, thank you in advance.

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Features Jason Markk Repel

  • Odorless and colorless
  • Water and oil repellant
  • It will not change the look or feel of the material.
  • Amazing durability
  • New bottle design
  • Refillable, 360 dispensing unique design.

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Crep Protect

Crept protection is a simple-to-apply spray sealant on canvas, suede, and nubuck shoes, bags, gloves, and other items.

It is simple to apply, dries fast, gets into all the crannies and nooks of your shoes and bags, and seals them effectively against all kinds of environmental risks.

For top outcomes, the producer advises you to apply two coats.

But unless you live in an area likely to encounter lots of snow, slush, and salt, a single coat is probably all you need.

Crept Project protects your suede work gloves and boots, canvas high tops or chunk Taylors, designer bags, and more.

A typical application will last about four weeks before it loses its effectiveness.

So be alert to that and do not wait. It is too late to re-apply.

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Crep Protect Repel Shoe Spray

So, how does Crep Protect work? Nanotechnology applies a protection layer that provides your shoes with a hydrophobic barrier.

This barrier permits it to repel moisture and liquids, stopping them from directly contacting your shoes.

The liquid stays on the area, and you can shake or wipe it off. Your favorite sneakers are now saved from the water.

So, how do you use Crep Protect? Simple: spray it on your shoes. Try to coat it evenly, and if there is excess, use a cloth to remove it. Spreading it about 20cm away from your shoes will help.

Here at Crep Protect, we want people to get the best out of our items.

One of the most asked questions is how to apply the Crep Protect signature spray correctly.

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Step one – Brush excess dirt.

Before applying the spray to your footwear, it is vital to clean the shoe. This does not need to be a complete deep clean, but you will need to get rid of any excess dirt that can be seen on the shoe.

Using the Crep Protect Brush, gently brush along the shoe’s upper in a circular motion towards the midsole. Repeat this step a few times to ensure no dirt has been left on the shoe before you begin spray application.

Step 2 – Shake the Crep protect spray.

As with any aerosol, I am shaking this can is vital. This is because shaking combines all of the products, meaning that the repellant can start to form inside the can.

Shaking the Crep protect spray ensures all the elements combine to make a successful barrier against stains and rain. If you do not shake your Crep Protect spray, you will not get the top out of the product.

Step 3 – Apply the primary coat.

You can apply the spray if you have brushed the dirt away and shaken that can. Holding the Crep protect spray 20m from the shoe, press down on the nozzle, and coat the shoe continuously.

Starting from the top of the laces, move down towards the toe box and then to the side. Still, 20cm away, use the Crep Protect spray from the heel action back towards the toe box. Once you have done this around the entire sneaker, you can leave it.

Step 4 – Let the shoe dry

For the primary coat of the Crep Protect spray to take effect, you must leave the sneaker in direct sunlight for ten minutes.

If you cannot leave the shoes in the sunlight, it will be perfect to take them at room temperature for ten minutes.

Step 5 – Apply the second coat.

Once you have left the sneakers to dry for ten minutes, you can start applying the second coat of Crep Protect spray.

After performing this, turn the sneaker around and spray from the heel toward the toe box again.

Step 6 – Let the shoe dry once more.

Following the same process, leave the shoe dry for ten minutes in direct sunlight or at room temperature.

After the shoe has been left to dry for ten minutes, you can put ableotocput to the test.

Step 7 – Put the Crep Protect to the test.

After your sneakers are dry and two coats are applied, you can view the Crep Protect spray in action. Our super-hydrophobic spray creates an invisible coating that repels liquids and stains.

Nanotechnology ensures that water rolls off the fabric without affecting the stuff. If you follow the steps correctly, the spray should last about two weeks!

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  • It does not replace the color of the shoes you apply it to.
  • Does remarkable work repelling all types of liquids in all four seasons


  • Be alert with the nozzle as it can sometimes be an exceptionally touchy

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Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaner Vs. Crep Protect: Don’t Believe the Hype

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