Cleaning and maintaining our beloved Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords can be quite a daunting task. However, fear not, for we have discovered the ultimate method to ensure a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience. By following our tried and tested techniques, you can restore the pristine condition of your cherished Oxfords, allowing them to shine for years to come. Whether it’s removing stubborn stains or rejuvenating the luster of the leather, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to grimy shoes and hello to the brilliance of freshly cleaned Ferragamo Oxfords.


Before we dive into the process of cleaning and maintaining our beloved Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords, it’s important to gather all the necessary supplies. Having everything within reach will ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process. We recommend gathering a soft brush, a shoe cleaning solution, a leather conditioner, a polishing cloth, insoles, a deodorizer, shoe trees, a dust bag, and a water repellent spray for suede oxfords.

Once we have our supplies ready, it’s time to remove the laces from our Oxfords. This will allow us to thoroughly clean the exterior, making sure no dirt or debris gets trapped in the lace holes. It also makes it easier to clean and condition the leather.

Cleaning the Exterior

Brush Off Dirt and Debris

The first step in cleaning the exterior of our Oxfords is to brush off any dirt or debris. Using a soft brush, gently brush the shoes to remove any loose particles. This will help prevent scratching the leather while we clean and condition it.

Spot Clean Stains

If we notice any stubborn stains on our Oxfords, it’s essential to address them before proceeding with the general cleaning. We can use a shoe cleaning solution and a soft cloth to spot clean the affected areas. Gently dab the solution onto the stains and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Be careful not to rub too vigorously, as this may damage the leather.

Clean the Leather

Now that we’ve taken care of the stains, it’s time to give the leather a thorough clean. Using a shoe cleaning solution and a soft cloth, gently wipe the entire exterior of the Oxfords. Make sure to reach all corners and crevices. This will remove any dirt or residue that has accumulated on the surface.

Condition the Leather

Once the leather is clean, it’s important to condition it to keep it soft and prevent it from drying out. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner onto a soft cloth and rub it into the leather using gentle circular motions. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the Oxfords. Allow the conditioner to absorb into the leather for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.

Buff and Polish

To give our Oxfords that extra shine and luster, we need to buff and polish them. Take a clean, dry polishing cloth and gently buff the leather in a circular motion. This will help distribute the conditioner and bring out the natural shine of the leather. For an even more polished finish, we can apply a small amount of shoe polish that matches the color of our Oxfords. Apply it in a thin layer and buff it off with the polishing cloth.

Cleaning the Interior

Remove Insoles and Odors

To ensure a thorough cleaning of the interior, it’s necessary to remove the insoles from our Oxfords. Carefully take them out and set them aside for cleaning separately. This will give us better access to clean the interior lining and remove any odors that may have developed over time.

Clean the Insoles

While our Oxfords are drying, let’s take a moment to clean the insoles. Depending on the material, we can either hand wash them with a mild detergent or use a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for insoles. Once clean, allow them to air dry completely before placing them back into the shoes.

Deodorize and Freshen Up

To combat any unpleasant smells that may have accumulated in the interior of our Oxfords, we can use a deodorizing spray or sprinkle some baking soda inside. Let it sit overnight to absorb any odors, then simply shake or brush off the residue. This will leave our shoes smelling fresh and clean.

Taking Care of the Soles

Inspect and Repair

The soles of our Oxfords are subjected to substantial wear and tear, so it’s important to inspect them regularly for any signs of damage or wear. If we notice any loose threads or fraying edges, it’s essential to address them promptly to prevent further damage. We can use a strong adhesive or take them to a professional cobbler for repair.

Clean the Soles

To keep the soles of our Oxfords clean and free from dirt or grime, we can use a stiff brush or an old toothbrush to scrub away any debris. Make sure to pay attention to the grooves and edges. If necessary, we can also use a mild soap solution to remove stubborn stains. Rinse the soles thoroughly with water and allow them to dry completely before wearing the shoes again.

Storing and Maintaining

Stuff with Shoe Trees

When storing our Oxfords, it’s important to maintain their shape. One way to achieve this is by using shoe trees. Inserting shoe trees into our Oxfords will help them retain their shape, prevent creasing, and allow proper air circulation. Additionally, shoe trees absorb moisture and odors, keeping our shoes fresh and ready to wear.

Store in a Dust Bag

To protect our Oxfords from dust, dirt, and other potential damage, it’s advisable to store them in a dust bag. This will prevent them from getting scratched or scuffed when not in use. A dust bag will also help maintain the leather’s quality and prolong the lifespan of our beloved Oxfords.

Regular Maintenance

To keep our Oxfords in optimal condition, regular maintenance is key. This includes brushing off any dirt or debris after each wear, wiping down the exterior with a slightly damp cloth, and conditioning the leather every few months. By incorporating these simple maintenance steps into our routine, we can enjoy our Oxfords for years to come.

Special Care for Suede Oxfords

Brush Off Loose Dirt

Suede Oxfords require special attention, as they are more susceptible to dirt and stains. Before proceeding with any cleaning, it’s crucial to brush off any loose dirt or debris. Using a suede brush or a soft bristle brush, gently sweep in the direction of the suede fibers to remove any surface dirt.

Remove Stains

If our suede Oxfords have stubborn stains, we can use a suede eraser or a clean pencil eraser to gently rub the affected area. This will help lift the stain without damaging the delicate suede. For more stubborn stains, we can create a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar, lightly dampen a cloth with the solution, and blot the stain. Remember to test the solution on a hidden area first to ensure it doesn’t discolor the suede.

Protect with a Water Repellent Spray

To keep our suede Oxfords protected from water damage, it’s advisable to apply a water repellent spray specifically designed for suede. Make sure to apply the spray in a well-ventilated area, holding the bottle about six inches away from the shoes. Allow the spray to dry completely before wearing or storing the Oxfords.

By following these comprehensive cleaning and maintenance steps, we can ensure that our cherished Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords remain in pristine condition for years to come. With a little care and attention, our Oxfords will continue to exude class, sophistication, and stand as a testament to our commendable shoe care routine. Happy cleaning!

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