Beast Balls – Best Deodorizing Balls Shoe fresheners

These Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls will remove odors from your shoes, boots, and sneakers, offering a clean, fresh smell that will provide your old boots a new lease on life.

You are designed to be used only on boots, gym bags, gym lockers, and even in your bathrooms.

These Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls are among the best shoe odor eliminators.

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Type and Content Deodorizing Balls Shoe

This Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls shoe freshener for boots is not spraying, or a powder, but a ball that you’ll put in your shoe or boot to release its strong deodorant and remove those nasty odors from your work shoes, gym shoes, or any other boots may give off.

The Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls are designed to eliminate the odors from your boots and bacteria that lead directly to smelly boots.

They’re small in design, round, and can be placed in very close areas, such as inside your boot.

When you utilize the quick twist action, you’ll open the Beast Balls—Deodorizing Balls and release the fragrance into your shoe.

The specially formulated scent permeates via the boots, freshening them and removing odors rapidly.

This Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls odor eliminator for boots and shoes is only 1.5 inches in diameter and will ideally fit in any shoes, including kid’s boots.

Its efficiency is up to six months, and it’ll last up to 2100 hours after being activated the balls.

They come in Citrus notes, Juniper, Eucalyptus, and Musk of the Beast.

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Beast Balls – Best Deodorizing Balls Shoe fresheners
Beast Balls – Best Deodorizing Balls Shoe fresheners


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • A small and versatile option for sneakers and shoes
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Easy to storage
  • Amazing smell notes


  • Ideal for small space

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Final words

The Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls are designed to remove the stink of professional sneakers and shoes.

They can also freshen up your gym bag, closet, locker, boot, sneakers, shoes, or bathroom.

Designed as a smell eater for boots, sneakers, and odors, balls are small enough to adjust to any close spot; they have an extremely long lifespan.

When not used, close the Beast Balls – Deodorizing Balls to preserve the fragrance.

This sneaker smell control lasts up to six months and will ensure that your work boots, car closets, sneakers, or other shoes remain clean and fresh-smelling every time.

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Beast Balls – Best Deodorizing Balls Shoe fresheners

Premium deodorizer balls – For shoes, closets, offices, cars, bags, sneakers, boots, bathrooms, lockers, and air fresheners anywhere.

Lock twist drop – twist to active fresh beast blue natural scent.

Best for every person – the better-smelling ball, formulated with the premium breast blue smell to awaken the energy in beasts of all types.

Simple storage – relock the hemispheres to keep your balls new and ready to tackle the subsequent odor.

Tame the Beast—Tame the Beast creates grooming items with arousing scents and energizing features. It is produced in America with globally sourced ingredients, Cruelty-free, and Vegan-free.

About the brand

At Beast Brands, we make personal care and grooming items for you and other Beasts. Our all-in-one Tames the Beast body washes, conditioners and shampoo, lotions, soaps, and shaving supplies, with arousing scents and powerful features, are produced in America with internationally sourced ingredients.

Their beautiful scents are derived from all-natural, potent botanicals you can feel – the best stuff from the earth, like ginseng, eucalyptus, green tea, moringa, and pomegranate. Whatever skin you are in, our items aim to make you feel happier there.

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag, and Locker Deodorizer, 3 Pair, Matrix

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We are joyous and enjoy all Beasts.

Great for sneakers and shoes

  • Deodorizer stinky places
  •  Great-scented deodorizer balls are best for sneakers, shoes, boots, and more.
  • Beast Blue scent specs note Citrus, Juniper, Musk of the Breast, and Eucalyptus—the best smell for beasts of all types.

Smell remarkable. Best for any person

  • Beast balls are excellent-smelling balls formulated with a premium scent to awaken the power in beasts of all types.
  • Tame the Beast makes grooming products with arousing scents and power properties.

Things to consider before buying shoe deodorizer balls


Sneaker deodorizer balls come in many shapes and sizes. Ensure you pick a size that fits rightly into your sneakers. Also, investing in a pack of sneaker balls instead of just one is affordable. Another vital thing to look for is the ease of use and versatility. These deodorizers can refresh dryers, lockers, closets, and gym bags.


There is a wide range of sneaker deodorizer designs on the market. Pick the one with twist-and-open specs, as they can also be closed and saved away when unused. They also come in attractive patterns and colors.

If your feet become stinky after a prolonged exercise, the best sneaker deodorizer ball will be your go-to companion. These small air fresheners for your boot keep lousy odor at bay and change them with a refreshing scent.

They are also long-lasting, compact, and simple to use. If you want to buy sneaker deodorizer balls, consider the versatility and design according to your preference.


How do beast balls work?

Sweaty shoes give off a bad smell. Sometimes, the smell is so powerful that you have second thoughts about wearing the used pair again. Since sneaker balls came into being, they have almost resolved the issue of smelly boots. But how do sneaker balls work?

The sneaker balls do not get rid of the sweat from the boots. They work upon the foul smell and release freshness into used boots. Much like a room fresher, the shoe balls absorb all the foul odors from your shoes and release freshness.

Primarily, the sneaker absorbs chemicals like baking soda, charcoal, or cyclodextrin. All you need is to twist the balls slowly and put them in your shoes, and they work to absorb all the smell from your sneakers.

Some deodorizing balls release bad smells that considerably suppress the foul smell in the sneaker.

Beast Balls - Deodorizing Balls for Shoes Cars Closets Offices Gym Bags Bathrooms Sneakers Boots Lockers Air Fresheners - Beast Blue Long Lasting Premium Natural Scent by Tame the Beast

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Beast balls: how to use them?

The foul smell becomes prevalent when the shoes are at rest after usage. If you keep the boots in the open air, you will encounter less smell in your shoes.

However, leaving the sneakers in a closed area makes them smelly and harmful for subsequent use. Unfortunately, most sneaker wearers keep their boots inside in a congested atmosphere.

After running, walking, sweating, and wearing them for a full day, you cannot expect your shoes to give off a flowery smell. So, external assistance is critical to keep the sneakers new and wearable for the next time.

Using sneaker balls is the perfect technique for deodorizing your boots. Multiple brands sell high-standard sneaker balls that come in fragrances and smells. Depending upon your preference, you can pick a scent and bring in one piece or a pack of more than one sneaker ball for your boots.

Now that you have the sneaker balls, it is the best time to use them. Twist open the balls to make them work. When you return home and remove your boots, do not forget to twist a sneaker ball and place it within your footwear overnight.

The deodorizing balls are so strong that the smell in your boots will vanish quickly, making your boot wearable right the next day. Also, remember to remove the balls from your shoes before wearing them.

How long do sneaker balls last?

Sneaker balls are becoming primarily famous among sneaker lovers. If you like sneakers but the terrible smell keeps you from wearing them, it is an excellent time to adopt sneaker balls. Sneaker balls come in various scents, sizes, formulas, and scents. However, all sneaker balls of different brands remain affordable. So, you would not look at your pockets before purchasing new sneaker balls for your boots.

Although the deodorant balls are cost-friendly and readily accessible, you would not need to buy new balls continually.

Most of the top-standard sneaker balls have a long life. Even if you use them generally in your sneakers, they will work fine for at least six months.

Forever keep twisting the ball back to close the action between each usage. This technique can improve the life of the sneaker balls.


Beast Balls - Deodorizing Balls for Shoes Cars Closets Offices Gym Bags Bathrooms Sneakers Boots Lockers Air Fresheners - Beast Blue Long Lasting Premium Natural Scent by Tame the Beast

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ECO-FUSED Deodorizing Balls for Sneakers, Lockers, Gym Bags - 8 Pack - Neutralizes Sweat Odor - Also Great for Homes, Offices and Cars - Easy Twist Lock/Open Mechanism - Ocean Fresh

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Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag, and Locker Deodorizer, 3 Pair, Matrix

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Foot Petals Fancy Feet Sneaker Deodorizers - Odor-Fighting Freshener Balls For Shoes, Gym Bags, Lockers, or Drawers, 3-Pack, No Size M US, Girly Girl

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Sof Sole Natural Deodorizing Inserts for Shoes, Boots, Closets, and Gym Bags (1 Pair)

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Moneysworth & Best Boot & Shoe Freshener Balls (6 Pack)

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Lemon Sole Shoe Freshener 100% Natural

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Knixmax Sneaker Deodorizer Balls, Shoes Gym Bags And Lockers Air Fresheners Soccer 1 Pair

$6.99  in stock
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Kiwi Select Fresh Force - Pack of 2

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