Electric Shoe Polisher Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher Machine
Electric Shoe Polisher Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher Machine

Relax, simple to use, and compact, this creative cleaning tool can replace your life, mainly for those particularly attentive to footwear.

Features Electric Shoe Polisher Viiwuu  Shine Kit Polisher Machine

Wide usage range

We provide simple, fast, and clean care for all leather shoes, bags, and other leather care.

Perfect for leather shoes and furniture like car mats, sofas, bags, leather jackets, etc.

They are mainly designed for business workers’ white collars.

With an extra replacement brush

The package includes an extra shoe polishing, shine, and oil brush.

Using the mechanical shoe brush to clean your shoes can decrease workload, keep your time, and not dirty your hands.

An extensive range of leather brushes with various colors is simple to replace the brush head. Shiny leather shoes are so simple.

Electric Shoe Polisher Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher Machine
Electric Shoe Polisher Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher Machine

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Rechargeable battery

High-performance motor and Li-ion battery ensure long service, five hours charging time, and can work for 1.5 hours continually.

This portable automatic clean brush adopts a humanized design; a mobile phone charger and a vehicle charger can be charged.

The item can be carried on the trip in the home shoe cabinet or office.

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Portable design

Electric shoe polisher small in size, simple to carry, lightweight, and perfect for family and travel.

The item can be carried on the trip in the home cabinet office.

It is a portable design that is simple and perfect to carry, permitting charging with a bit of power bank through a USB cable.

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Warranty Policy

A twelve-month warranty and lifetime support are offered.

Please do not worry about contacting us if you have any concerns or questions before or after your purchase.

We are committed to your hundred percent relaxation.

We devote ourselves to bringing you the top cleaning experience.

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  • If an electric shoe brush does not work, please charge the battery first.
  • The indicator light is red when charging; complete charging for 5.5 hours.
  • The finger holds the handle perfectly, works with the brush head’s inertia, and moves fast when using the brush machine.
  • Cleaning shoes for eight minutes can clean seven to eight pairs when ultimately charged.
  • Electric shoe brushes should not last more than fifteen minutes in a single working time.
  • Excessive working time leads to heat and burn out the motor.

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How to Use the Ray Charles Easy Shine Electric Shoe Polisher

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