Best Boot Dryer UK
Best Boot Dryer UK

The best ski boot dry has to perform it all. While keeping your footwear moisture-free is very important, that is just part of the equation.

The machine must also stop mold growth and remove the odors and multiple dry items.

The DryGuy is my pick for the excellent ski boot dry of the season. This efficient, portable, affordable unit will help you dry your ski gloves, boots, and just about anything else that fits onto it.

There are a few other best boot dryer choices out there, which will provide you with a list of the best prospects in this post. Nobody likes damp shoes; the best boot dry will help you quickly solve that issue.

Whether you’re an avid skier or hiker or live in a wet or humid area, you know the importance of having dry boots. Wet boots not only cause discomfort and odor but can also lead to foot problems like blisters and fungus. That’s where a boot dryer comes in.

A boot dryer is a device that dries your boots from the inside out, using warm air to evaporate moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. Boot dryers come in different sizes and styles, from small portable models for travel to larger units that can dry multiple pairs of boots simultaneously.

When choosing a boot dryer, consider the size of your boots and the type of material they’re made from. Some dryers are designed for ski or work boots, while others can accommodate various sizes and styles. You’ll also want to look for features like adjustable temperature settings, automatic shut-off, and a timer function.

We tested several boot dryers to identify the best performance, convenience, and value combination. In the following sections, we’ll share our top picks and explain their differences.

Here are some of the best boot dryers in the UK to buy:

Review contents

Best Boot Dryers

We seek a reliable and efficient way to dry your wet boots after a long day of hiking or skiing. Look no further than our list of the best boot dryers on the market. We’ve tested and researched the top options to ensure your boots stay dry and comfortable for your next outdoor adventure. From portable options to heavy-duty models, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our top picks.

Renogy Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer with Heat Blower, Portable Adjustable Rack and Timer, Folding Design & Quick Drying for Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Socks, Ski Boots

If you’re looking for a reliable and portable boot dryer, then the Renogy Boot Dryer is worth considering.


  • Eliminates dampness and odors effectively
  • Suitable for different kinds of shoes and accessories
  • Quick drying with an intelligent timer and multiple vents


  • It may not fit more giant boots securely
  • Some users reported issues with the device after a few uses
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other boot dryers on the market

We’ve used the Renogy Boot Dryer for a few weeks, and we’re impressed with its performance. The device eliminates moisture, dampness, sweat, and odor in shoes, making them dry and comfortable. We also tried it on gloves, hats, and socks, which worked perfectly.

The boot dryer is easy to use, with a folding design that makes it portable and easy to store. It comes with an intelligent timer that allows you to set different working times for different kinds of shoes, up to 99 minutes. The device also has multiple vents that provide constant heat between 104-122°F and quickly dries shoes and boots in a few minutes.

However, we noticed that the Renogy Boot Dryer may not fit more giant boots securely, which could be a problem for some users. There were also a few reports from users who experienced issues with the device after a few uses, although we didn’t experience any problems ourselves.

Overall, the Renogy Boot Dryer is a reliable and effective device that can help you keep your shoes and accessories dry and comfortable. While it may be a bit expensive compared to other boot dryers, we think it’s worth the investment if you want a portable, intelligent boot dryer.

Snowpea Electric Shoe Dryer, Ski Boots Dryer, Shoe & Boot Warmer to Dry Sweaty Shoes & Eliminate Bad Odor, 3/6/9 Hours Timed Auto Self Off (Standard UK Plug) Regular-White

If you’re looking for a reliable boot dryer that can warm, sanitize, and eliminate foul odor from your shoes, the Snowpea Electric Shoe Dryer is a great option.


  • The 360° Rounded Heat with 1532 air holes ensures an even distribution of heat, which accelerates moisture evaporation and efficiently dries boots and sneakers.
  • The PTC Heat Generator provides precise temperature control to keep the drying temperature at 55℃, protecting your shoes from overheating.
  • The Timed Auto Self-Off feature allows you to set a 3/6/9 H timer to shut down, making running safe and silent.


  • The 17D x 6.5W x 3H centimeters product dimensions may not be suitable for more giant boots.
  • The lack of a fan may result in slower drying times for extremely wet shoes.
  • The EU-Stecker may require an adaptor for use in some countries.

The Snowpea Electric Shoe Dryer is a reliable and efficient tool for drying our shoes. The 360° All Rounded Heat feature ensures that all parts of the shoes are evenly dried, and the PTC Heat Generator provides precise temperature control to prevent overheating.

The Timed Auto Self-Off feature is also convenient, allowing us to set the timer and forget about it. However, the product dimensions may not be suitable for giant boots, and the lack of a fan may result in slower drying times for extremely wet shoes. We recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient boot dryer.

The Snowpea Electric Shoe Dryer is made with high-quality materials, including a premium cable that can withstand strength in pulling to prevent disconnection during use. The ULS94 V0 fire retardant shell also provides an additional safety guarantee. The product suits all types of shoes and boots, including cotton slippers, leather shoes, canvas shoes, work boots, snow boots, and sneakers.

Regarding specifications, the product dimensions are 17 x 6.5 x 3 cm, and the model name is DSHJ-S-1904-RW. The material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, and the color is white. The manufacturer has not discontinued the product and has a Best Sellers Rank of 1,250 in Fashion.

The customer reviews are generally positive, with 4.5 out of 5 stars from 691 ratings. The product has a user manual, and it is 20 watts. The power source is electrically powered, and the style is Regular-White.

DRYSURE Extreme Boot Dryer

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective boot dryer, the DRYSURE Extreme Boot Dryer might be the one for you.


  • No electricity or batteries are required
  • Quick drying and effective
  • Deodorizing


  • It may take longer to dry soaking wet boots
  • It may not work as well in high-humidity environments
  • Requires reactivation after use

We were impressed with how well the DRYSURE Extreme Boot Dryer worked without electricity or batteries. Its patented design and silica dioxide combination effectively adsorbed moisture from our boots, leaving them dry and odor-free.

We also appreciated how quick and easy it was to use. Place the dryers in your boots and let them do their thing. We found they were 12x more effective than air-drying, although it took longer to dry soaking wet boots.

The deodorizing feature was another big plus. We said goodbye to lousy foot and boot-related odors in our ski and snowboard boots, work boots, and more.

While the DRYSURE Extreme Boot Dryer worked well in most environments, we found that it took longer to dry soaking wet boots and may not work as well in high-humidity environments. Additionally, the dryers must be reactivated after use, which may be inconvenient for some users.

Overall, we recommend the DRYSURE Extreme Boot Dryer for anyone looking for an effective and easy-to-use boot dryer that doesn’t require electricity or batteries.

DEECOZY Boots Dryer

We highly recommend the DEECOZY Boots Dryer for anyone looking to keep their shoes dry and odor-free.


  • Eliminates dampness and odor
  • Appointment timing and intelligent constant temperature
  • Retractable and foldable design


  • It may take a few cycles to dry extremely wet shoes fully
  • It may not fit larger shoe sizes
  • It may not be suitable for very delicate shoes

We were impressed with the DEECOZY Boots Dryer’s ability to quickly and effectively dry our shoes while eliminating unpleasant odors. The 120-minute timing function and automatic power-off feature gave us peace of mind, while the constant temperature control maintained the perfect temperature for drying without damaging our shoes. The retractable and foldable design made it easy to store and transport.

The 360° warm air drying feature is a standout feature that ensures every part of the shoe is dried evenly without any dead ends. We also appreciated the quiet operation and multiple vents, which allow quick and efficient drying.

While it may take a few cycles to dry extremely wet shoes thoroughly, the DEECOZY Boots Dryer could effectively dry most shoes in one cycle. It may not be suitable for very delicate shoes, but it is an excellent choice for most shoes and boots.

Overall, the DEECOZY Boots Dryer is a reliable and effective solution for anyone looking to keep their shoes dry, odor-free, and in good condition.

MaxxDry Glove, Boot and Shoe Dryer Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to dry your boots, gloves, and other garments, the MaxxDry Glove, Boot, and Shoe Dryer Heavy Duty might be just what you need.


  • The MaxxDry Boot Dryer heats up to 105 degrees F (40.5 degrees C) and is safe for liners, clothes, and boots. It helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • This dryer can dry most items in about 1 hour, including removable 16-inch extension tubes for drying taller boots.
  • With a 6-foot power cord, heat/no heat switch, and a 3-hour timer, this dryer is easy to use and customized to your needs. It can dry up to four shoes, gloves, mittens, and other garments.


  • Some users have reported that the MaxxDry Boot Dryer can be a bit noisy, which may be a drawback if you use it in a quiet space.
  • While this dryer is adequate for most items, some users have noted that it can take longer than an hour to dry, particularly wet or thick items like heavy work boots.
  • The MaxxDry Boot Dryer is made in China, which may be a disadvantage for those who prefer to buy products from their home country.

Overall, we think the MaxxDry Glove, Boot, and Shoe Dryer Heavy Duty is an excellent option for anyone who needs to dry their boots, gloves, or other garments quickly and effectively. With its customizable settings and easy-to-use design, this dryer is a reliable choice that can help keep your gear fresh and dry.

MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer

It is a top-performance shoe dryer that fits to hang four separate garments.

It helps to heat, dry, and eliminate the odors of closed shoes that get wet inside.

MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer
MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer

Its elongated back tubes permit the placement of boots of many heights and sizes, which is perfect for big feet.

Ergonomic Electric Dryer From Ibalody

It is a safe and affordable style for family homes. Its compact and stylized design permits one to put it on a table.

Ergonomic Electric Dryer From Ibalody
Ergonomic Electric Dryer From Ibalody

The lower legs offer stability, and the tubes allow internal drying and are mold-free.

The top thing is that heat power begins in just five minutes.

Travel Dry DX Boots and Shoes by YAOAWE

This brand has developed a compact, silent, long-range model that works without noise or complex structures, drying our shoes while we sleep; this progressive work provides security against burns.

YAOAWE Shoes Dryer Foot Warmers
YAOAWE Shoes Dryer Foot Warmers

Its air and convection system reaches up to ninety-nine, providing exceptional warmth.

Intelligent Ozone Shoe Dryer

It is not only an affordable shoe dryer but also contains a particular ozone system that dehumidifies and removes odors entirely in just one day.

Intelligent Ozone Shoe Dryer
Intelligent Ozone Shoe Dryer

Thanks to its multiple warm air outlets, it says goodbye to any moisture issue from rain or sweat.

The main advantages of a boot dryer

There is no issue with how effective you think drying methods with a fireplace or kitchen fire will be. However, they will never be as secure as a device designed mainly for shoes.

Not only does it get an excellent effect, but it also spreads the heat better from every critical point within the shoe.

It is not just for safety and the best outcome standard; it gets advantages for the conversation regarding hygiene since it eliminates odors, mold, or dust accumulation.

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Who should get this?

Regardless of gender, size, or expertise level, all skiers must dry their boots. You cannot take the best dryer for granted because, without it, you will be left with uncomfortable, soggy footwear, which is enough to ruin a trip.

Every person can use a powerful dryer. And if you ski multiple days in a row, your boots will not dry out without one. However, those who spend more time on runs or skiers who spend a lot of time in deep snow need the gadgets more than most.

Calculate how wet your snow clothes are after a trip on the slopes forever, and then plan how much a dryer would improve your life.

Dry. Dry electric shoe & boot dryer

This electric shoe dry offered by Dr Dry is light, compact, and practical for drying your boots or shoes safely and quickly. Users love having hot and dry shoes in a couple of hours, and this electric dryer eliminates any foul odor.

Anyway, some note they expected the boot and shoe dryer to produce heat and heat their shoes quicker. Perfect for different items and materials like a ski mask, liner, gloves, and ski boots, this boot warmer has a present warming setting, so you do not have to hesitate about damaging or burning your shoes by accident.

Additionally, it deodorizes and dehumidifies the footwear. Overall, it seems like a convenient item to have around the home.

MaxxDry Heavy-duty shoe dryer

Using unique technology paired with the badass power permits you to dry all types of footwear in just a single hour. It is the average number because the running time depends on how wet or moist your shoes or other footwear items are.

That is also why the producer has equipped the shoe dryer with three hours of drying time. One more bonus of this gadget is its two modes. You can choose between them, which makes it more likely to dry out the shoes without raising the danger of overdrying.

Peet Advantage 4-shoe boot dryer and electric shoe

Wet gloves and soggy boots sometimes need extra firepower to ensure they are relaxed when you need them. PEET Advantage 4-shoe electric express shoe and boot dryer takes a top technology approach, giving a bit of extra customization and features over a standard convection dryer.

It has an on-off switch for heat and a programmable timer with an LED screen.

The center-mounted fan and coil draw air for warming and push the dry, hot air through your gear. The advantage is that it can manage all kinds of equipment, with extension tubes for ski or taller boots. Double up the extensions for drying hip waders should a fishing trip get pretty slippery.

Kooder boot dryer, foot dryer, shoe dryer

If you prefer a more direct, warm source for drying your damp boots and shoes, check out the KOOKER, foot dryer, and boot dryer.

This electric proper temperature coefficient boot dryer slips within your shoes, producing warmth that emits from 360 degrees, drying out your boots as you sleep.

The KOOKER shoe dry helps your wet shoe or ski boots retain their shape as they dry. Its substantial adjustment permits the pair of dryers to fill an entire shoe or ski boots.

The heat also helps decrease bacteria and odors, keeping your work boots or hiking boots smelling a better refresher than they might otherwise.

How to use a shoe dryer

A shoe dryer is not simple to use. Based on the model you have just purchased, you can merely attach the shoes or boots to the dryer.

Turn it on and leave it operating for 1 to 4 hours (based on the kind of product you picked and the saturation level of the footwear).

Once the drying process is finished, you can remove it from the gadget, and now you have your own clean and chill-looking dry shoes.


How do you use a boot and shoe dryer?

Most boot dryers use power to warm the air inside the boot. Just plug the dryer in and insert the boot over the tubes.

If it is a suitable temperature coefficient model, plug it in and slip the heaters into your shoes. The boot dryer does the rest.

How long do shoe dryers take to dry boots?

It depends on many factors, including how wet the boot is and the type of dryer you buy. Generally, the best boot dryer can dry up a soaking damp boot over 8 hours.

Do boot dryers kill bacteria?

Yes, by creating a dry, hot atmosphere, boot dryers help decrease the number of bacteria inside a boot.

Can a shoe dryer catch on fire?

Any electronic appliance can catch fire, but the best shoe dryer has built-in temperature controls that prevent it from exceeding a specific temperature (generally around 105 degrees Fahrenheit).

Does this gadget have a plug to turn?

Yes, it can plug into the mains.

Best Shoe Dryers Video Reviews

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Renogy Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer with Heat Blower, Portable Adjustable Rack and Timer, Folding Design & Quick Drying for Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Socks, Ski Boots

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as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

Upstartech Boots Dryer Electric Foot Warmer with Timer Shoe,Glove Warmer Portable Folding Shoes Heater Adjustable Rack Boots Shoes Socks Gloves

£20.99  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer - Electric Warmer Dries & Deodorizes – Ultra Silent - UK Plug/EU Adapter

£29.99  in stock
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MaxxDry Heavy Duty Glove, Boot & Shoe Dryer, Odour Eliminator, Removable Extension Tubes For Longer Garments, Grey

 in stock
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as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

LNIDEAS Electric Shoe Dryer and Ozone Deodorizer with Digital Controls and Timer Function,Foldable Scalable for Drying Shoes Boots Gloves Socks

£29.99  in stock
2 new from £29.99
Free shipping
as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

LTL Boots Dryer Electric Foot Warmer with Timer Shoe, Footwear Heater Folding Heater, Shoe Foot Dryer, Heater Element PTC Shoes Socks Gloves Warmer

£36.99  out of stock
as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

BCASE Shoe Dryer, Foot Dryer, Heater Element PTC 150ª, Drying 360º Integral, Heater Footwear Boots, 220V-50Hz Portable Home Electric

£27.99  in stock
1 used from £17.62
as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

Wifehelper Shoe Dryers Intelligent Thermostat Electric Shoe Dryer Shoe Boot Drying Machine Drying Rack 220V(#2)

 out of stock

Hngyanp Shoe Boot Dryer, Electric Shoes Dryer Deodorizer,Portable Ski Footwear Heater,52W Gloves Socks Foot drying, 15 Minutes of Rapid Ozone Sterilization,Yellow (Color : Gold)

£55.01  out of stock
as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

Shoefresh shoe deodorizer & shoe dryer electric | Solution smelly shoes / wet shoes | Boot dyer electric | Shoes dryer

 in stock
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as of May 27, 2024 9:12 pm

Buying Guide

When shopping for a boot dryer, several factors must be considered to ensure you get the best product for your needs. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the most essential features to look for when choosing a boot dryer.

Type of Dryer

The first thing to consider is the type of dryer you need. There are two main types of boot dryers: forced air and convection. Forced air dryers blow warm air into your boots, while convection dryers use natural convection to circulate warm air around your boots. Forced air dryers are generally faster and more effective, while convection dryers are quieter and more energy-efficient.


The next thing to consider is the dryer’s capacity. Ensure the dryer can accommodate all the boots you need to dry. Some dryers have multiple drying ports, while others have only one or two. If you have a large family or need to dry multiple pairs of boots at once, look for a dryer with a high capacity.

Drying Time

Another essential factor to consider is the drying time. Some dryers can dry boots in as little as 1-2 hours, while others may take several or even overnight. If you need your boots to dry quickly, look for a dryer with a fast drying time.


Finally, consider any additional features that may be important to you. Some dryers have built-in timers, adjustable temperature settings, or UV lights to kill bacteria and odors. Others may have removable drying ports for easy cleaning or be designed to work with various types of footwear, including gloves and helmets.

Considering these factors, you can choose the best boot dryer for your needs and ensure that your boots are dry and ready whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a boot dryer?

Using a boot dryer has several benefits. First, it dries wet boots quickly and efficiently, which helps prevent mold and mildew from growing. Second, it extends the life of your boots by preventing damage caused by excess moisture. Third, it helps keep your feet warm and comfortable by ensuring your boots are dry before wearing them.

How do boot dryers help prevent odor in footwear?

Boot dryers help prevent odor by removing moisture from your boots. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, so by drying your boots thoroughly, you can prevent bacteria from growing and causing unpleasant odors.

What features should I look for when purchasing a boot dryer?

When purchasing a boot dryer, consider several features. First, look for a dryer with adjustable heat settings to customize the drying process to suit your boots. Second, look for a dryer with a timer so you can set it to dry your boots for a specific amount of time. Third, look for a dryer with a compact design so it can fit easily in your home or garage.

How long does it typically take to dry boots using a dryer?

The time it takes to dry boots using a dryer depends on several factors, including the type of dryer you are using, the size and material of your boots, and how wet they are. It typically takes 1-4 hours to dry boots using a dryer.

Can boot dryers be used for materials other than boots?

Yes, boot dryers can dry a variety of materials, including gloves, hats, and other types of footwear. However, checking the manufacturer’s instructions before using a dryer on any other materials is essential.

Are there portable boot dryers suitable for travel?

Yes, there are portable boot dryers available that are suitable for travel. These lightweight and compact dryers make them easy to pack in your luggage. They are also designed to work with AC and DC power sources to use in your hotel room or car.

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