Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or hitting the trails for a hike, the “Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) – for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces” are designed to keep your shoes looking sharp and secure. Available in multiple colors and lengths to fit various shoe styles, these durable polyester yarn laces ensure that your shoes stay put without fading over time. With a diameter of 0.35 CM – 0.4 CM, they fit everything from Oxford dress shoes to outdoor climbing boots. Plus, their waxed finish adds an extra touch of elegance and longevity. Simply count your shoe eyelets and use our sizing chart to find the perfect length, ensuring your shoes look pristine and stay comfortable all day long. Ever find yourself frustrated with your shoelaces breaking or fading after a few wears? Or perhaps you’ve been struggling to find the right length for your Oxford dress shoes? Let me introduce you to a game-changing product: “Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) – for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces.”

Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces

Check out the Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces here.

Quality and Durability

Thick and Sturdy Design

One of the first things I noticed about these shoelaces is their thick, sturdy design. Made from polyester yarn, these laces are resilient and built to last. They have a diameter ranging from 0.35 cm to 0.4 cm, giving them a robust feeling that assures you they won’t snap under pressure. If you’ve ever had your shoelaces break at the most inconvenient times, you’ll appreciate the durability these offer.

Waxed Surface for Extra Hold

The wax coating isn’t just for show; it serves a functional purpose as well. It ensures your shoelaces stay tied, no matter how long your day is. If you’ve faced the frustration of having to re-tie your laces throughout the day, these waxed laces will be a breath of fresh air. The coating provides a subtle, non-slip texture, making sure the knots hold firm.

Environmental Friendliness

One major plus is that these laces are produced using environmentally friendly materials. They’re designed not to fade, no matter how often you wash or expose them to sunlight. Not only do they add a vibrant look to your shoes, but they’re also better for the environment. It’s reassuring to know that in using these laces, you’re contributing to an eco-friendly solution.

Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces



Suitable for Various Shoe Types

These waxed round shoelaces aren’t just limited to Oxfords. Whether you’re wearing dress shoes, leather boots, outdoor climbing shoes, basketball shoes, or athletic shoes, these laces provide a perfect fit. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

Multiple Colors and Lengths

One thing that truly sets these shoelaces apart is the array of colors and lengths available. Whether you want classic black or something more vibrant like red or blue, there’s a color to match your style. The length options range from 24 inches (61 cm) to 44 inches (111 cm), offering flexibility depending on your shoe type and personal preference.

Here’s a quick look at the available lengths based on the number of eyelets:

Number of Eyelets Shorter Length (inches/cm) Longer Length (inches/cm)
2 24″ (61 cm) 28″ (71 cm)
3 28″ (71 cm) 32″ (81 cm)
4 32″ (81 cm) 36″ (91 cm)
5 36″ (91 cm) 40″ (102 cm)
6 40″ (102 cm) 44″ (111 cm)

These measurements make it easy to pick the perfect fit for your shoes. If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to measure your existing shoelaces and match them to these sizes.

How to Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right length can sometimes feel like a guessing game, but the sizing chart helps simplify the process. Just count the number of eyelets on one side of your shoe and match it to the chart. If you’re in doubt and prefer a longer length, go for it. The extra length offers more flexibility when tying your shoes.

Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces

See the Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces in detail.


A Touch of Elegance

The waxed finish adds a touch of elegance to your footwear. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just heading to work, these laces can elevate your shoe game. The sheen from the wax coating complements leather shoes beautifully, creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

Consistent Color

Thanks to their fade-resistant properties, these laces maintain their vibrant color over time. It doesn’t matter if they get wet or are exposed to sunlight—they remain as vivid as the day you bought them. This is a significant upgrade from standard laces that tend to dull and fray with use.

User Experience

Easy to Clean

Maintaining these shoelaces is incredibly straightforward. The wax coating not only adds durability but also makes them easier to clean. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough to keep them looking brand new.

Secure Fit

One of the standout features for me has been the secure fit. The wax coating ensures that once tied, the laces don’t easily come undone. This is particularly useful for athletic or outdoor activities where a secure fit is essential.

Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces

Personal Experience: Putting Them to the Test

Office Wear

I first tried these laces on my Oxford dress shoes for a week at the office. Initially, I was skeptical about whether they would stay tied all day. But to my pleasant surprise, they remained secure and comfortable throughout the day. The added sheen of the wax gave my dress shoes a polished, professional look.

Hiking Adventure

Next, I swapped them onto my hiking boots for an outdoor adventure over the weekend. The laces held up remarkably well through mud, rain, and rough terrains. They never once came loose, and by the end of the hike, they still looked new with just a quick wipe-down.

Daily Gym Use

For those of you who hit the gym regularly, these laces are also a fantastic option for athletic shoes. I’ve been using them in my running shoes, and they’ve stayed consistently tight through sprints, jumps, and heavy workouts. The non-slip texture is a game-changer in this regard.

Overall Impression

Value for Money

Considering their durability, versatile use, and elegant finish, these waxed round shoelaces offer excellent value for money. They come in pairs, giving you an additional set to use or keep as a backup. Given their longevity, it feels like a worthwhile investment.

Where to Buy

These Waxed Round Shoelaces are readily available online. You can find them on popular e-commerce platforms, often with free shipping options. Make sure to double-check the length and color options before making your purchase to ensure a perfect fit for your shoes.

Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces


To sum it up, the “Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) – for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces” are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their shoelaces. They offer durability, versatility, and an added touch of elegance to your footwear. Whether you need them for a rugged hike, a day at the office, or an intense workout session, these laces have got you covered. If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable, generic shoelaces, I highly recommend giving these a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Learn more about the Waxed Round Shoelaces (2 Pairs) - for Oxford Dress Shoes Boots Leather Shoe Laces here.

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