CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls
CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls

These CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls will remove the smell from your boots, sneakers, and work boots and offer a fresh and clean aroma that’ll provide your old boots a new lease on life.

They are designed to be utilized not just on shoes but also in gym bags, gym lockers, cars, kitchens, and bathrooms.

These CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls are one of the finest foot odor eliminators around.

Are your feet stinky after a workout session or a long run? Do not hesitate! The best CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls can solve your issue relatively quickly.

These balls effectively keep your shoes or sneakers smelling nice and fresh.

What are the sneaker deodorizer balls, and do they work for you?

Sneakers balls are like little air fresheners for your sneakers. They are mainly made to remove the nasty smell and change it with a fresh scent and crisp.

They do not remove sweat from the shoes and absorb foul odors.

Type and Content CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls

This CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls for boots is not sprayed or powder, but a ball that you’ll put in your shoe to release its potent deodorant and remove those nasty odors in your gym boots, work boots, or any other shoes might give off.

The CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls are designed to eliminate the odors from your shoes and the bacteria that lead directly to smelly boots.

They’re small in design, round in shape, and capable of being placed in highly tight spaces such as the inside of your cleat.

When you utilize the quick twist-action, you’ll open the balls and release the fragrance in your boots.

The specially formulated scent permeates through the boot, freshening it and removing odors rapidly.

This smell eliminator for boots is a mere 1.5 inches in diameter and will ideally fit any boot, including kid’s boots.

The CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls’ efficacy is over six months and will last up to 2100hrs after being activated.

These balls come in several shades to suit your closet and style and are available to buy in three packs or one pair at a time.

CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls 2020
CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls 2022

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  • Small and versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Long-lasting, fits in every small space


  • Some customers complain about the quality

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How do you use CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls?

Keep the pair of shoes in the fresh air and let them dry. Then, twist the ball and leave it in the shoes overnight.

Your shoes will be clean and fresh and smell good the following day. Ensure to get rid of the sneaker balls before putting your shoes on. Keep the balls closed for extended use.

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Things to consider before buying sneaker deodorizer balls

Use/versatility CeridiAn Deodorizer Balls

Sneaker deodorizer balls come in different shapes and types. Ensure you pick a size that fits rightly into your sneakers. Investing in a pack of sneaker balls instead of just one is affordable.

Another vital thing to look for is ease of use and versatility. Some deodorizers can also refresh dryers, lockers, closets, and gym bags.


There is a wide range of sneaker deodorizer designs on the market. Pick the ones with twist-and-open specs, as they can be closed and saved away when unused. They also come in attractive patterns and colors.

There is no need to avoid removing your sweaty shoes, even in a room full of people. These impressive sneaker balls provide your shoes with quick freshness and leave a bad smell behind.

What are you waiting for?

How long do shoe-fresher balls last?

The scent lasts up to ninety days, depending on use. Sneaker balls, shoe deodorizer, and freshener balls fit all shoes, from kid to adult, and successfully freshen up athletic shoes, gym bags, everyday footwear, and more. Each ball has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

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What is excellent for smelly shoes?

Put baking soda, cornstarch, and baking powder in cotton socks and stick them in the shoes overnight.

White vinegar can also eliminate the odor and remove bacteria found in shoes. It would help to use a water and vinegar solution to battle the smell.

What is inside a sneaker ball?

Much like a room refresher, these deodorizer balls absorb all the foul odors from your shoes and release freshness. Mostly, the deodorizer balls contain absorbing chemicals like baking soda, Charcoal, or cyclodextrin.

Are sneaker balls reusable? 

There is forever a question in your mind, can you use a sneaker ball more than once to refresh your shoes?

There is nothing to hesitate about because sneaker balls can be reused. Until and unless depleted, you can keep using them for over a month. You can make it last longer if you manage the balls for intensity and close up when not in use.

The best deodorizer ball maintains a new fragrance for a long time, and its services can be spread over two months by twisting it.

Its small and round design makes it simple to carry and place anywhere safe.

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Can you refill the sneaker balls?

Generally, people buy from an Amazon store in packs that are more long-lasting than handmade, so no one wants to refill.

When you know that a ball lasts mostly six months, a six-pack could keep a pair fresh for one and a half years.

Are CerisiaAnn deodorizer balls toxic?

There is also confusion about deodorizer balls and a question raised in your mind: Are sneaker balls toxic? So there is nothing to hesitate about its safety and nothing deadly in it.

If you read out its ingredients (Charcoal, soda, baking), both are used in food items like barbecue and cookies. Food items are safe, but it does not mean you can use them in large quantities.

Even too much baking soda can damage the kidney and cause severe disease.

Even for a long time, activated Charcoal has been used for eating, but a couple of years ago, the health department of NYC banned it.

It has been used as an antidote for poisoning and hangover, but later on, this practice also stopped.

Are sneaker balls risky to dogs?

Its ingredients are not risky, but you must keep your pets away from them. Your dog can break it while trying to take a bite or playing.

Generally, when little dogs approach these balls, they could get stuck in their jaws or throats and damage them. Even when a big dog tries to eat it up, it will destroy more because any broken part can cause bleeding inside.

Most of the ingredients are non-toxic, but an overdose of baking soda can be the reason for stomach pain. So in these situations, you even do not know how the response to different chemicals.

Some started vomiting, so they withheld their food and contacted a veterinary doctor or poison control.

Do teabags work?

If you do not bother making suitable sneaker balls, you can use the just teabag for this objective.

Just leave some tea bags overnight in your shoes somewhat dry area. Black tea can absorb odors, and herbal tea has a lovely smell, so it depends on accessibility.

But after that, carefully get rid of these teabags to reject any other use of these teabags if you do not want a tea that has a smell like feet.

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Final words

These CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls are designed to remove the stink associated with athletic cleats and all other sorts of boots.

They can also freshen up your gym bag, locker, kitchen, or bathroom.

Designed as odor eaters for boots, these CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls are small enough to fit any tight space. In addition, they have a decently long lifespan.

When CerisiaAnn Deodorizer Balls are not used, close the vent to preserve the scent.

This smell for shoes lasts up to six months and will ensure that your professional boots, work boots, gym bags, or any other boots remain clean and fresh, smelling at all times.

Giving up a pair of shoes because it tends to smell nasty after use can be discouraging, but not anymore, thanks to Christiaan deodorizer balls.

I would advise using or making one with baking soda as the vital ingredient, as it is more successful at odor control. Further, it will not cause any problems to the skin and is pretty affordable.

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