I recently discovered “Woody” Latex Foam Insoles by Tacco, and they have transformed my daily comfort profoundly. Crafted in Germany with premium materials, these insoles provide unmatched all-day protection and fit perfectly in my casual shoes and boots. The multi-layered latex foam cushions my feet effortlessly without altering the space inside my footwear, allowing for a comfortable fit with every step. What’s even better is their moisture-wicking properties and light scent that keep my feet dry and fresh. It’s clear that Tacco Footcare, a trusted name in the footcare industry since 1963, has truly outdone themselves with these insoles. Have you ever found yourself constantly battling discomfort with every step you take? Let me introduce you to my latest footwear discovery: “Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots. These are not just any ordinary insoles; they are scented, high-quality shoe inserts made by Tacco, a trusted name in foot care from Germany.

”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US)

Click to view the ”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US).

Superior Quality

When it comes to footcare, quality is non-negotiable. I’ve tried numerous insoles over the years, and none have matched the premium quality offered by Tacco’s “Woody” insoles. These insoles incorporate the latest in footcare technology, ensuring your feet are protected and comfortable throughout the day. Craftsmanship and innovation come together to create a superior product that genuinely makes a difference in your daily life.

Premium Materials

The insoles are crafted from multi-layered latex foam. Here’s why this is significant: Latex foam is known for its softness, durability, and ability to withstand constant pressure. Moreover, this quality material ensures that these insoles won’t wear out quickly, making them a long-term investment for your comfort.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Tacco isn’t just relying on high-quality materials. They’ve integrated advanced footcare technology to make these insoles effortlessly support your feet. After weeks of daily use, I noticed less fatigue and more spring in my step, thanks mainly to the cutting-edge design and material used.

Perfect Fit

Finding an insole that fits perfectly can be quite a challenge, but not with Tacco’s Woody insoles. These are designed to fit a variety of shoe types and sizes seamlessly. Available in sizes ranging from EUR 35 to 46 (UK L2 – M12 / US L5 – M13), these insoles can be easily trimmed to fit any shoe.

Sizing Chart

Here’s a breakdown of the available sizes to help you find your perfect fit:

EUR Size UK Size US Size
35 L2 L5
36 L3 L5.5
37 L4 L6.5
38 L5 L7.5
39 L6 L8.5
40 L7 L9
41 L8 L10
42 M7 M9
43 M8 M10
44 M9 M11
45 M10 M12
46 M11 M13

Easy to Trim

What impressed me the most is how easy they are to trim. You don’t need any special tools—just a pair of standard scissors. This means that even if you have slightly unusual shoe sizes or shapes, these insoles can be customized to fit perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and utility.

”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US)

See the ”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US) in detail.

Ultimate Comfort

The primary reason for using insoles is to add an extra layer of comfort, and Tacco’s Woody insoles deliver beyond expectations. The multi-layered latex foam cushions your feet, making walking, standing, or even running an entirely new experience in comfort.

No Extra Bulk

One significant difficulty with many insoles is that they can take up too much space inside your shoes, making them tight and uncomfortable. Tacco’s Woody insoles are thin and don’t alter the fit of your shoes. This means you get all the cushioning benefits without any added bulk, maintaining the original feel and space of your footwear.

Cushioning Excellence

I’ve worn these insoles for a variety of activities—from daily walks to strenuous hikes—and I’ve been continuously amazed at how well they cushion my feet. The multi-layering aspect of the latex foam disperses pressure evenly, reducing strain on specific areas like the heel and arch, making every step more comfortable.

Stay Fresh

Keeping your feet fresh is another important aspect of footcare, especially if you’re on your feet all day. The Tacco Woody shoe inserts excel in this area as well.


The moisture-wicking multi-layered sole of these insoles ensures that your feet stay dry throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for those long workdays or active weekends.

Lightly Scented

One unique feature that sets these insoles apart is the light scent they emit. The scent is not overpowering, but just enough to keep your feet smelling fresh, adding a pleasant experience every time you slip into your shoes.

”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US)

Made in Germany

When it comes to quality and reliability, few places in the world compare to German manufacturing. Since 1963, Tacco Footcare has been Europe’s leading name in footcare products. Knowing these insoles are made in Germany gives me extra confidence in their durability and quality.

Legacy of Excellence

Tacco has been protecting feet with high-quality insoles and accessories for decades, and it shows in every aspect of their Woody insoles. From material quality to construction precision, you can see and feel the care and expertise that have gone into making these products.

Trustworthy Brand

In a market flooded with countless options, it’s important to choose a brand that stands by its products. Tacco’s decades-long presence in footcare speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


In summary, the “Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots by Tacco are a game-changer in the realm of foot comfort and care. They offer a perfect fit, ultimate comfort, and keep your feet fresh, all wrapped up in superior German quality.

To iterate on the standout features:

  • Superior Quality: Combining premium materials with advanced technology.
  • Perfect Fit: Available in multiple sizes and easily trimmable.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Multi-layered latex foam cushioning without added bulk.
  • Stay Fresh: Moisture-wicking and lightly scented to keep feet dry and fresh.
  • Made in Germany: Upholding a legacy of excellent footcare products.

Switching to these insoles has been one of the best decisions for my foot health. Every step you take feels cushioned, supported, and fresh. If you want to experience the undeniable difference that high-quality, well-designed insoles can make, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Tacco’s Woody insoles a try. Your feet will thank you!

Learn more about the ”Woody” Latex Foam Insoles for Shoes and Boots | Scented Insoles Shoe Inserts for Adults | Made in Germany by Tacco (40 EUR / 9 L - 7 M US) here.

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